Riding-Tours for all experiences
- Adults and/or Children (> 14 years) -

  r  We speak englisch, german and spanish!

  r  Transfer 1.000 pesos per person

  r  Riding-Tours to different places depending time

  r  We only offer the horserides from 2 persons on an depends to
       climatic situations (rain or high temperatures)

  r  riding tours to the beach ONLY for medium- good riders, who can trott
       well, until galopp

  r  Specials:

        Riding-Tours (min. 2 persons) to the beach with or without dinner
        Fullmoonriding with or without dinner

        Only Riding-Time for our specials is nearly 3 hours
        and time for swimming and relaxing

 *Prices valid until 31.12.2021

Uruguay does not offer an insurance for horseridings, riding on own risk!











       r  Riding-Tours to the beach with or without dinner

 r   Fullmoonriding with or without dinner











Prices one person: (Minimum 2 hours)
Payable in cash in Pesos uruguayos, USD or EURO


  r  normal Ride:

  r  Fullmoonriding:

       - with dinner:

  r  Riding-Tours to the beach:

       - without dinner:

Pesos 2.000,00 *


Pesos 6.000,00 *


Pesos 4.000,00 *

  *Prices valid until 31.12.2021
    Our Horses:
    Horses for beginner:


    Horses for people with a little bit experience:
Paloma Alacran Tatu      



    Horses for people with know how:
Candela Sorpresita Ziro  


   Our new breed paso peruano:
   They are not available for horseridings!
Soberbia Sucessor Mensajero



Our stallion "Silfo" (only for Enrique & Sandra)


We are looking forward to see you in the near of Colonia del Sacramento, only 1 hour with speedboat from Buenos Aires / Argentinia!

We are going to pick you up in colonia in your hotel and bring you back for only 150 pesos per person

Enrique Vignolo (spanish)

Ruta 21, km 190,
500 San Pedro
Tel. 4520 2135



Sandra Brand (german/englisch)

Camino 18 de Julio km 3.6
San Pedro, Colonia
Tel. 4520 2253
Cel. 099 586 546


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